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The Week Commencing... :icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
A hundred and one excuses fell from the tip of your tongue.
Spill into the emptiness of your heart; out onto the plain that is our lives.
Your solemnity masks the inner you; the one i know, the one i'd rather not.
Your face gives me false impressions; the true you under the blanket you've created.
The monster that lies under that blanket; caged inside what you say is a well designed exterior.
Masking the frustration, the anger that is fuming inside of you; i'll never let you take me alive.
Never listening to a word you said; that beast inside you will never consume me.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
Old Friends
Isn't it amazing how you can drift so quickly away from someone; they slip away so easily?
Both growing apart at the speed of light; nothing you can do to stop it from happening.
Wishing that you could see that person you were so close to; thinking about them every so often.
Looking back at old photographs; wishing you could go back to a time like that.
Talking to you again feels so weird; we were so close and now we hardly even say hello.
Wishing for one second i could come and have a long conversation with you; the friend i've always missed.
Regretting ever dropping everything for a disgraceful reason; there was no need.
I loved you my friend; always there to talk to, even when i had nobody else to turn to.
All i want to say is; well thank you, and i hope you know how much i miss you.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
Autumn to Winter
The change isn't dramatic, but you can feel it in your bones; it's going to happen and you know it.
The clock's ticking down and the days become shorter; the darkness traps you.
Leaves fall from the trees to the floor; nobody notices at first.
This season; autumn, the season where everything seems to die.
Eventually the snow falls around you; winter's here, things become alive.
The colours suddenly seem to change; browns and reds to whites and silvers.
Autumns beauty ever so increased by winters colours and sounds; their beauty combined over those six months.
The most amazing seasons; nothing could really compare to these.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
Letting Go
When you feel like nothing could go wrong; like everything's going the way it should.
You'll soon realise that things are going in the opposite direction; down that slipperly slope once again.
The pain, the hurt, the feeling of confusion; they all mount up and eventually you'll crack.
There's no need to cry my dear; keep your head high and realise you're better than this.
Letting go will have to be one of the hardest things you'll ever do; i know you don't want to.
You must, you've spent too much time; waiting, hoping, wanting and loving.
Knowing that he never meant those things he said to you, you still hope.
Let go my child, it's for the best; it might not feel like it now, but you'll end up knowing it is.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
Birds Songs When You Awaken
Waking up all wrapped warm and cosy in that place you spend a third of your life.
The curtains blowing softly in that autumn breeze; the warmth seems to increase as that cool air hits you.
Birds calling to each other outside; their lives seem so meaningless, yet their songs are so beautiful.
Closing your eyes and listening to their song, wondering what they're saying, what they're singing.
As the light turns to darkness; within the blink of an eye, their songs fade into the distance.
The chirps of those beautiful winged beings stay within your head; lulling you into a deep sleep.
Keeping your window open; knowing that the next morning their songs will greet you as you awake.
The songs that a bird creates as you lie there so silently; they're like nothing on earth.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
When things seem so broken can you really tell whether it's the truth?
Whether the outer shell is just hiding the inner joy; shielding it from all the harmful things this world has to offer.
Encased in that cracking outer protection; will the broken release themselves?
Will everyone see their inner souls; the ones that are begging to escape?
Be released into the world my child; free yourself from that wicked binding shell.
Nobody can help you but yourself; there's no need to hide, no need to put up such a front.
Why does everything that is broken have to be turned to dust?
Left to rot in the darkness; disappearing into oblivion.
I will heal your broken ways; let you escape from that shell you've hidden in for far too long.
Rescue you from that endless struggle; you will no longer be surrounded.
You can be free my child; no longer broken and the truth will shine from you.
It's radiating glow will spread throughout your body; i will know who you really are.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
How These Problems Create...
These problems that we face; they keep us in place.
Working to break down those barriers; wanting to achieve something spectacular.
Nothing can stand in our way; i hoped nothing would.
What're the chances of something great happening; something that will change our lives?
Waiting for that chance; fingers crossed and ready for the greatest thing to happen.
If that chance was there to be taken; would you take it?
If the moment was to take you away; would you let it?
Not looking for an answer; but a motive, something that would show me a hint of hope.
The barriers continue to remain; it's your choice whether they fall to the ground.
Wishing that they'd turn into dust and blow away in the breeze.
There's no problem to face anymore; just a slight hint of hope is all i'll need.
That barrier will be broken; one day, some way, somehow.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
Autumn Walk
That autumn breeze blowing through your hair; i love how the colours contrast with this season.
Wrapped up so nice and snug with your face uncovered; beaming so brightly with that white smile.
Drifting through the leaves on the ground; the noise takes over everything.
Scuffing your feet as we walk side by side; looking so content, this is what you love.
The night draws in so early at this time of year; the sky looks so beautiful.
The moon shines so high in the sky; lighting up the fields in front of us.
Your face radiates the moonlight and perfectly shows your features.
Even now, that breeze seems non-existant; there's just you, me and silence.
The clouds that consume the sky have a slight resemblance to the aurora borealis.
Staring at that beautiful sight; the emptiness around us and the city beneath us.
Alone in such a perfect moment; never wanting this sight to end.
Until dawn breaks; the sun rises on the horizon and the day starts again.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
These Old Boots
Looking back into the past; thinking how things were always so much better.
Being a child; being so innocent and never knowing the dangers of the world.
Look at how things age so, how much people change as they age.
Never the person inside; just their exterior.
Just like a pair of leather boots; shiny and clean when first bought.
Worn for decades and then thrown away, now look at them; torn and faded.
Time rules over all of use; the past will always seem better than the not so distant future.
It's just how you live your life right now that counts; will you make each day worth living?
Will you one day become those old rested boots and wonder whether you've had a good life?
Never look back into the past and regret anything; those old boots would be ashamed to have been owned by you.
Just keep on walking; use those boots to their full potential.
One day when you finally rest; you know you'll have had a great life my friend.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
Dancing Amongst Leaves
Watching her silently; smiling to yourself, wondering how it ever happened.
The girl dancing amongst the leaves; spinning, twirling, laughing.
How did she become the one who'd own your heart; she is perfection.
Nothing fake about her, no putting up a front; being herself.
She knows from the smile that's across your face that you love her.
Knowing that she knows the same thing; you can't help but continue to smile.
The leaves create the most amazing sounds as she dances; not a care in the world.
The moment is just beautiful; nothing could compare to that beautiful girl amongst the leaves.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 2
Hopes and Dreams
Watered down dreams; slightly faded but still visible as you sleep so solemnly.
They seem real to you at the time; but as dawn breaks those dreams will drift into the darkness.
Trying to hold onto those visions of such hope; longing for them to come true.
You wish those images would remain in your head forever; hoping one day they'll become a reality.
That image fades; the one you had so clearly within your head.
However, the dream remains; was it truly a dream?
Everything that was in your head is a reality; all that you longed for is true.
The hope no longer exists; there's no need, you have it all my child.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0
Whispers of Romance
Whispers of romance fill your ears, your head; until it takes over you.
Soft breathing down your neck as I hold you close; gently stroking your soft velvet hair.
Staring silently into one another's eyes; the romance, the love and the picture perfect moment.
Butterflies fill the bodies that we both possess; almost making us sick, with love.
The time comes for that well waited kiss; closing of eyes and readying of lips.
Nothing makes a sound, just the beating of our hearts; our lips touch and our hearts explode.
The love that we share could never be measured; it will last for too long.
:icontjholt:tjholt 0 0


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£6 for a paperback including postage.…
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I hope that you'll all buy one. Would be a great gift for yourself or for your family.

Just trying to get my name out there so any bought would be great.

Thanks guys.

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